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Trans energy

Trans Energy, based in Omišalj, was established with the aim of developing energy projects and waste recycling on the island of Krk. With its experience and synergy with leading experts in the field of waste recycling and projct design, we plan to place the island of Krk on a map of highly developed European cities, which by recycling create new values.


Enviroment friendly tourism. Trans Energy wants to introduce a new form of tourism on Croatian market. Glamourous camping is a new form of vacation, and it's taking the world by storm. It's perfect for people who want to spend all their time outdoors, but doesn't want to give up everyday comfort. Glamping is an ideal solution. Imagine sleeping in a large tent, forest, meadow, or beach. No city traffic, no noise, no cars ... Just intact nature for as long as eye can see. On the other hand, in your tent, or cottage, you have air conditioning, Wi-Fi, your own kitchen and all the other luxury of everyday life.

Waste recycling

Trans Energy attaches great importance to reducing and preventing waste generation. While in the Republic of Croatia, waste is only treated as waste, we see waste as a secondary raw material from which various forms of energy can be produced. In some waste disposal methods, up to 98% of waste can be reused. According to some researches, the average citizen of the Republic of Croatia produces about 400kg of waste per year. Unfortunately, some of the materials in this case are not biodegradable and cannot be reused. That is why we are trying to develop new materials that are environmentally friendly, or can be reused, and can replace materials that are not. And in this case, we cooperate with leading experts who create new values with their innovations, both on the eco side and on the economy.

Energy projects

In line with European trends, the use of renewable energy sources is a priority when creating new forms of energy. Taking into account the constant increase in the number of expenditures in society, the energy needs are also increasing proportionally. Trans Energy seeks to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy imports in any form, and find a strategy for steadily increasing the energy capacity we use. And in this case, we cooperate with well-known experts.